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Janet Marthers - About Me

Bachelor of Arts from Stanford University for college counseling


Master of Arts from Reed College for college counseling service

Co-author of “Follow Your Interests to Find the Right College.”http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1627872620/wheatmark-20


While I enjoyed my time working in admissions from the college side, it soon became clear that I actually preferred helping students and their families navigate the college application process from the counseling side.  With so many excellent choices and opportunities out there, I find it exciting and fun to introduce students to colleges and help demystify the application process.  Each student presents a unique set of preferences, qualifications and objectives, which I work with in order to create a positive college application experience.  I genuinely enjoy working with parents and students to make, what can be, a stressful period, a time of positive learning and growth.

Because family needs for an educational consultant can vary greatly, I usually charge an hourly “a la carte” rate.  Families can utilize my services when they feel it is most helpful, but not feel compelled to sign on for a larger package.  For those parents who have worked with me before, or have a sense of how many hours the process may require, I also gladly offer package rates.  Most families work with me throughout the process, which tends to include college lists, applications, and selection, but there are certain students who prefer to focus primarily on only one area, such as essays.  My job is to make this process a positive experience for the family, so I am happy to work with people in whatever manner best suits them.

As for experience, I am passionate about colleges and pride myself on having an extensive knowledge (gleaned through research and many campus visits) of colleges world-wide.  With my husband, I have written a college guide–a testimony to our dedication to sharing helpful information and connecting people with potentially life-transforming collegiate programs. In addition, I have a respect for and awareness of non-traditional educational options that may make sense for certain students.

As families have had positive working relationships with me, many return when it is time to apply to graduate school.  I also have worked with younger students evaluating options for secondary school.  In all cases, my goal is to provide conscientious service and help in achieving the objectives a family has set forth.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can answer further questions about my services or qualifications.


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